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    Shabana Ali Advocate High Court is a Managing Associate of M/s. Shabana Ali & Associates. She has more than seventeen years of experience. Shabana graduated from Sindh Madrassatul Islam (SM Law) College in Karachi, Pakistan.

    She is dealing in Civil, Criminal, Tax and Corporate Law. She is an accredited Mediator and has an experience of mediating Family, Civil and Commercial disputes. She is also an external Faculty at Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA). She has served as Executive Committee Member of Pakistan Mediator Association.

    She has also worked in the fields of Human Rights, Women Rights, Child Protection, Welfare of Prisoners and Health awareness about HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis. She has conducted and attended Workshops, Seminars and Training Sessions.

    The highly qualified team of Legal Associates

    Shabana Ali

    What we offer?

    We offer a range of legal services that will cater everyone. You can book an appointment or send us an email about your case. We will analyze, and find legal answers according to the Pakistani laws.
    Cyber Crimes

    Phishing ✿ Spam ✿ Hacking ✿ Website Defacement ✿ Cyber Bullying ✿ Cyber Stalking ✿ Child Pornography ✿ Social Engineering ✿ Data Theft ✿ Identity Theft ✿ Compupter Viruses and Worms ✿ DoS Attacks

    Inheritance Matters

    Heirship Certificate ✿ Succession Certificate for Moveable Property✿ Letter of Administration for Immoveable Property ✿ Other Inheritance Matters

    Property Issues

    Undivided Property ✿ Possession of Property ✿ Mutation of Property ✿ Registration & Transfer of Property ✿ Drafting & Registration of Gift Deed ✿ Relinquishment Deed ✿ Sale Agreement

    Business & Corporate

    Registration of Private Limited Company ✿ Registration of Public Limited Company ✿ Filling of Statutory Forms ✿ Change of Name, Merger of Companies

    Intellectual Property

    Registration of Trade Mark ✿ Registration of Copy Right and Patent ✿ Other Intellectual Property Matters

    Sales Tax

    General Sales Tax (GST) ✿ Registration of Sales Tax ✿ Sales Tax Returns ✿ Reply of Show Cause Notices ✿ Audit, Appeals ✿ Other Sales Tax Matters

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      We have more than seventeen years of experience in practicing law. A good lawyer is known for their experience. We would love to meet you and analyze your case. Please call us now and setup an appointment.
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      Our practices speaks for itself. Our in-house lawyers are fully capable of Pakistani laws and can assist you in your case.

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      Speed and efficiency are the key element in today’s fast-paced world. Trust is critical for effective leadership. We are a be-spoke law firm.

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      If you or family and friends experiences an individual physical issue, the impacts can be devastating. The financial and emotional issues can flip around lives in a moment.

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      Shabana Ali

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      Zafar Ali Jakharani

      Legal Associate

      Shahida Haq

      Legal Associate

      Zafar Khalil

      Legal Associate

      What our client says?

      Without the help of the entire Shabana Ali & Associates law firm, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had. Ms. Shabana took on an extremely difficult case and encountered issues that no one expected and few had ever seen. She worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. She has stood by every one of my requests and guided me through the entire lengthy process. Though we faced challenges, Ms. Shabana Ali did not falter. Her thorough research provided us the pathway we needed to rise to victory. I will only recommend Shabana Ali & Associates as I have never been nor have I ever seen anyone treated better. I am proud to be a Shabana Ali & Associates client and will continue to retain them for all legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best hands.

      Anum Khan

      I am always skeptical when it comes to lawyers, but I’m glad that I chose to go to Shabana Ali & Associates law firm. Ms. Shabana made the whole process of modifying my child custody agreement as quick and painless as possible. Could not be happier. I highly recommend her.

      Farooq Ahmed