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Our attorneys are highly qualified team of Legal Associates. We have collectively more than 100 years of experience. We have lawyers who can handle your civil, family, taxation, corporate, and criminal cases.

Submit your case to us and we will analyze it and give us our review. It is better to ask a lawyer than making any assumptions about the law. Our attorneys are qualified and will give you your answer in accordance to the Pakistani law.

For example, if you need to inquire about NTN; you can go here for more information; or simply contact us.

Meet Our Team

Shabana Ali

Civil, Family & Corporate

Muhammad Naeem

Criminal & Corporate

Shahida Haq

Family & Civil

Ayaz Ali Rajpur

Civil & Criminal

Rana Adeel

Civil & Criminal

Ms. Zubeda

Family & Civil

Zafar Khalil

Civil & Corporate

Najma Gopang

Family, Civil & Criminal

Shazia Mansoor

Family & Civil

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