Book Appointment

Book appointment with Shabana Ali & Associates is easy and fast. Just pick date and time and our staff will call you to confirm. You can also contact us before you book appointment.
The book appointment is helpful to organize lawyer’s schedule with the clients. It is necessary to schedule an attorney. Lawyers are very busy professionals fighting cases in the court. They are usually busy in the morning time. They spend huge amount of time in the court arguing about their client’s cases with the judges.
The benefit of having to book appointment is that client can have one-to-one face meeting with our lawyers. It will be private and in-formal communication. If you submit your case documentation, we will analyze and return when our meeting is over. You can discuss our meeting with your colleagues or family members and always come back to us to refer to the meeting. This way, we can build on going business relationship. We do not force our client on any cases. We always recommend factors about cases.
For example, if you need to inquire about NTN, you can always contact us.